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Behind the Scenes Videos and More!

September 17, 2016

Check out Cool Patch Pumpkins exclusive behind the scenes vidoes over at our YouTube channel. 

Enormous Sacramento Kings Logo Embedded in Local Corn Maze

August 17, 2015

Today, Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, CA announced their 2015 corn maze, featuring a 3.5 acre Sacramento Kings logo. The Cool Patch Pumpkin maze is located 20 miles west of Sacramento. 

911 Calls From People Lost in World's Biggest Corn Maze

November 12, 2014

Some people daring enough to enter the largest corn maze in the world were getting so lost they had to call 911 for help, police said.

California's 45-Acre Corn Maze | VIDEO

October 01, 2015

Can you make it all the way through the world's largest corn maze? Find out in this Travel Channel Feature!

Dixon’s landmark corn maze the world’s largest – again

October 20, 2014

At 63 acres, Cool Patch Pumpkins’ corn maze is recertified by Guinness World Records as the planet’s biggest, besting its old record by nearly 20 acres.

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